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About Us

Adsnik Media is run by a team of professionals who expertise in the digital advertising field and we come from various sectors in the online industry. From a wide range of CPM networks, Adsnik is differentiated with its quality service and unique campaigns. The company is run by a team of lunatic folks and we passionately develop the campaigns based on our customer’s requirements. We not only desire customer satisfaction but aim to deliver more than they expect.

Who are we?

Our team includes the most efficient webmasters and advertising experts who are professionally skilled. Adsnik not only include a well managed team but you will find us much more amazing after interacting with us. We are friendly and sociable enough to win your hearts and that’s how we value our customers. Apart from running ad campaigns, we pay much importance to our customers by developing a lifelong relationship with them. We are awesome in the sense that we believe maintaining such relationships which will strengthen our roots and we’ll be able to improve further in the near future.

Why Adsnik?

Although there are a number of digital advertising networks around the web, we assure that Adsnik is more reliable and convenient and we will stand by your requirements. Adsnik is a platform that builds a trust factor among us and our customers. Because we synchronize very well with our clients, you can rely on us for any kind of technical, as well as general issues. Our customer service stands apart from the others because we instantly provide support for your issues and fix them right away. Our team puts much effort in solving client’s issues and we provide end to end solutions for your campaigning needs.

If you are still looking for a quality assured digital ad network then the Adsnik Media team will be happier to serve you.

Relevant Ads for standard IAB & custom sizes


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  • Interstitial
  • Floating
  • Native Ad
  • More Interactive Formats

Monetize Traffic From all device 

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  • Mobile App
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  • Rising Star
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  • Bouncing and Traveling
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  • More Interactive Formats

Capitalize on Untapped Revenue Potential 

  • In-stream Web - VAST3 offer
  • Out-stream Web - VAST3 offer
  • Out-stream Mobile