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Mobile Advertising

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Display Advertising

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Adsnik Media

Meet one of the most successful ad networks in the world…

Adsnik Media is one of the most innovative digital advertising networks in the industry, serving billions of impressions each and every month.

Our impressions are served over a wide array of categories which helps our advertisers get in front of highly-targeted audience.

On top of being able to provide one of the largest scopes in the industry, we also employ 4th-generation ad-service technology to help our advertisers flawlessly execute their campaigns. It’s not easy to serve millions of ad impressions each day, but our software helps make it look that way.


Simply put, when you want results…

Just sit back and let Adsnik Media deliver them!




What makes Adsnik Media the best ad network around?

Over 150 Ad Exchanges & Counting

In order to drive success for the long-term, we have to ensure that we don’t leave any slack. With so many opportunities, the sky’s the limit.

Proprietary Technology

You don’t always find an ad network who invests into their tech. Our proprietary technology built on a rock-solid platform, we provide the edge.

Mobile SDK

For those select people who are into mobile development, we support mobile SDK. We know you love mobile, and so do we.

Real-Time Reporting

Don’t get held back with outdated reports, that’s just non-sense! Our platform provides real-time reporting around the clock, just the way it should be.

Highest CPMs Around

We’re here to help our publishers make the most money, which is why we have the highest CPMs in the industry. Others just can’t keep up with us.

Highest Fill Rate in the Industry

With some of the largest advertisers online within our network, we ensure that you get the highest fill rate possible. Say goodbye to loose ends!

Smart Advertising to Enhance Your Profits

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Innovative Display Ad Solutions

The web is changing, and for the better. And we’re here to help our publishers and advertisers make the most from it by providing them with the most innovative display ad solutions (in a wide array of IAB sizes). We’re always looking at new ways to maximize display advertising opportunities.

Some of the display ad options we offer includes:

  • Expand
  • Interstitial
  • Floating
  • Native Ad
  • And many more interactive formats.

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Enhanced Docked Ads for Mobile

We all know that mobile usage is on the rise, but knowing it and doing something with it are 2 different things. Our mobile docked ad solutions helps present ads on any device.

Some of the docked ads that are possible includes:

  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Banner
  • Expand
  • Rising Star
  • Slideshow
  • HTML5
  • Bouncing and Traveling
  • Interstitial
  • Video
  • More Interactive Formats

Are you ready to unleash the power of our mobile docked ad solutions?

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In-App Advertising Opportunities

Mobile SDK provides seamless integrations for in-app advertising in a wide array of formats. By being where people spend most of their “phone time,” you can unlock the gates of conversions.

Some in-app ad solutions we make possible are:

  • In-stream Web – VAST3 offer
  • Out-stream Web – VAST3 offer
  • Out-stream Mobile

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